MASK International Journal of Science and Technology

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Review Process

All the manuscripts are subject to blind peer-review by competent reviewers in the relevant field and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence. The submitted paper will be undergone for a review process to find the quality of the papers for publishing it in MASK International Journal of Science and Technology. Editor has right to automatically reject the manuscript that are inappropriate or out of scope of the journal. Each paper will be reviewed by two or three independent reviewers . The reviewer’s identity remains anonymous throughout the process. The reviewers are informed to keep the peer-review process confidential and not share with anyone outside the peer-review process.

They are also informed to make the review process unbiased and deserve to full credit of the research work submitted by the author(s). Reviewers are requested to submit the comprehensive and substantial report in a timely manner. The reviewers are informed to return review comments to the editor within 15 to 30 days after receiving the paper. The author(s) will receive a notification along with the review comments within 15 to 30 days from the editor. If the manuscript is accepted with changes, then author(s) will be requested to respond with changes suggested by the reviewers.

The editor reviews the revised manuscript after the changes have been made by the author(s). The editor makes the final decision to publish the manuscript in the journal based on peer-reviewed comments. Once the editor is satisfied with the final manuscript, the manuscript can be accepted. If the paper is accepted by MASK IJST and the author(s) are willing to publish in MASK IJST, they need to submit the camera ready paper within a week..