MASK International Journal of Science and Technology

“Committed to making genuine contributions to the Science, Engineering and Health communities”

Ethical guidelines for Author(s)

MASK International Journal of Science and Technology is committed to peer-reviewed and highest standards of ethical publishing. We publish original research/review papers that has not been published nor under review elsewhere. MASK IJST promotes new research and scientific applications in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology and allied fields and provides high quality and flexible information solutions to researchers. Author(s) are required to ensure that there is no fabrication/falsification of data in his/their paper. Making up data or results and recording or reporting them is fabrication of data. Falsification of data is manipulating research materials, omitting/deletion/suppression of conflicting data without justification and this would cause mistrust and disgrace to scientific community.

Author(s) are required to ensure that there is no plagiarism in his/their paper. Using another person’s ideas, language, graphs, pictures, results and experiments etc without giving credit to them and without citing the source, copying even a single sentence from your own or another person’s research paper are called plagiarism. Author(s) are required to avoid the unacceptable author contribution in his/their paper. Including authors who have not contributed to the research in the manuscript and excluding authors who have contributed to the research is unacceptable author contribution. Since the citation manipulation is a kind of scientific misconduct, Author(s) are required to avoid the citing irrelevant articles that don’t contribute to content of manuscript.

Author(s) are requested not to submit same manuscript to more than one journal at the same time. It is a waste of time of editors and peer-reviewers and also damages the reputation of journals if it is published in more than one place. Author(s) are required to avoid the redundant publication of paper. Publishing the same material/experiments more than once is referred redundant publication. All the author(s) whose names appear on the manuscript are equally held accountable for the content of a submitted manuscript or published paper.